Leandro Aalto is a Brazilian creative based in Barcelona. He is a specialist in Brand Design, Art Direction and Creative Production. He is a tourist in Photography, Printed Publications and Visual Art.

In a world where people are so often stuck in echo chambers, facilitating the understanding of ‘the other’ is the contribution Leandro’s work provides to society.

Through the use of known formats like publications and parties, Leandro develops creative safe spaces for sub-cultural communities, and makes them tangible and digestible for outsiders in positive and inclusive ways that enables meaningful interaction and dialog.

Leandro is a pioneer in community-driven creation where cultural products are co-created with their audience. He is heavily inspired by contemporary art, fashion, music, pop culture, youth behavior and life in an era of social media and heavy connectivity.

The challenge he aims to solve with his work is this: there are groups of people who have the same perspective, experience, or passion but that don’t know each other or don’t have a safe space to release their energy. Maybe they can’t even put their finger on what it is that they’re missing. So it goes to waste.

Leandro’s work aims to create these spaces. He has the intuition of what’s brewing, finding the right format, and bringing the right people together for it to take flight. And then letting it take on a life of its own.

Co-Founder at Jelli Spagetti.
Contact me 💌 leandro@jellispagetti.com