Hello! I’m Leandro Aalto, a multidisciplinary designer & art director who loves bold colour combinations.

I’m passionate and knowledgeable about a range of formats, and curious about new technologies, trends, and channels. My greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of  brand design, art direction, creative production, digital & social media. My goal is to combine my knowledge in these areas in a playful and humane way, to deliver the best work in the intersection of marketing and creativity.

I'm also passioned about music (I’ve been working as a DJ and producer for the past 10 years), traveling (Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona are my favourite cities in the world), fashion and design as a whole.

I’m also the Co-Founder of Jelli Spagetti, a character-driven creative studio specialising in illustration and animation.

Contact me 💌 leandroaalto@gmail.com or leandro@jellispagetti.com