Winner project at 2022 Latin American Design Awards ︎︎︎ Best Illustration

A poster for Lucky Juce that explored the visuality of club culture, using elements common to the drag, rave and cyber punk scenes. I wanted to bringing back the visual edge that their followers expect, but with a retro touch of digital paintings. 

The challenge was to promote the feeling of community during pandemic times. For that the solution was creating the "cloud" version of Lucky Juce. With that they managed to ease the loneliness of their community as they could take part on the digital club, see and dance with their peers.

The poster was designed to give that same idea of an in-real-life club, under the theme “reflections”, witch was visually translated on the materials on the character costume -leather, latex, glass, metal. Together with the overall shiny aspect of the painted illustration, the theme was portrayed in a way that made people reflect about their community, what they missed during this time apart and what we all have been experiencing together as a society.

What I did: Concept, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Lettering

Illustration, Art Direction: Joona Aalto
Studio: Jelli Spagetti