TADAH is a magazine that covers contemporary art, future music, film and media through thought provoking editorial insights.

Each issue presented artists and collectives with multidisciplinary approaches from a diverse range of art forms, featuring plentiful of new talent, recommendations on what to see, hear and do.

What I did: Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director, Graphic Design

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editor: Joona Aalto 
Editorial Team: Elena Sulin, Filip Michelsson, Melanie Lindgren

My main scope of work was on concepting, curating and producing each issue, besides looking over the whole magazine as the Editor-in-Chief. The digital version of the magazine can be found here.

I also got to do some DOP and Styling for our own photoshoots, like Alma on Issue #02, PEU on Issue #03 and The Hearing on Issue #01.

↳ Photography by Emma Sarpaniemi

↳ Photography by Andrei Kipahti
↳ Photography by Anni Laivoranta